The Chip Reese Championship Skills

Giving everything and getting everything back

Poker is a game of taking risks and without taking those risks you will not win big. Chip Reese is an example of someone who is not afraid to go for some of the most risky stakes in order to ensure that he gets the best returns possible. What really attracted me to his online profile was the fact that his career may not be as spectacular as some of the other legends I have looked at but he is still respected among the poker community.

I was also amazed to learn that he was able to change is career even within poker depending on the circumstances prevailing. This indicates to me a very dynamic personality who will not put up with the mundane in order to have a quiet life. This is the kind of person I would be happy to do business with. I therefore decided to dig into his background to see whether there was anything really spectacular that would create such an interesting personality. However what I found was an ordinary person who had the courage to go for the big stakes and ended up doing quite well in the process.

From commerce to poker while bypassing law

While I was going through his colorful biography I discovered that Chip Reese been to commercial college and was in fact a graduate but his parents had hoped that he would go into law. However he did not tell them that he was concentrating on poker as a way of earning a living. Most people would have bowed down t the pressure from the parents to follow a certain pattern of character. In this instance Chip Reese decided to go against the grain and I was particularly pleased that he proved the doubters wrong by actually getting all the glory in the end.

Some people might consider it strange that a person might bypass law in order to earn a living on gambling. Although I suspect that there will be religious and cultural objections, the truth is that Chip Reese is making a very good career out of what he loves to do. It is not fair or practical to believe that everyone will be doing a set of professions that the parents wish them to do. Sometimes you have to look for money where you find it. Chip Reese took his chances and they have come home with the goods.

I think that Chip Reese can be a very good role model for all those young people who are struggling with the decision as to whether to change career. You find that when you are young the choices are so many that you end up making mistakes because you are faced with impossible situations where you have to choose a career that is going to stick with your for the rest of your life. If you look at the life choices of Chip Reese the lesson would be that you have to decide what you like and then stick to it. The chances are that you will enjoy your job.

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