Jennifer Harman: Best Women Pro Poker Player

Jennifer_Harman_3Jennifer Harman was born and lifts up in Reno, the city of Nevada. Her age is about 50 and her height is around 5.2 feet. She is one of the best Pro Poker Women Player in the world now days. When her tiny shape glides in the region of the poker table then you will surely make a mistake to think that she is not a poker player. You may think that she is a girlfriend of someone else who have come in the poker club to play poker just for some fun. But you will surely be astonished when she takes a seat in front of you by dragging the poker chair with intense gaze. She will gaze at you just like a talented and skilful Pro Poker Player and trundle the fragments before her.

You will become more astonished when she plays the poker game with her amazing and sensational style and you would feel sorry for the defeat that you will experience through her. She is the Jennifer Harman that is the winner of two World Series Championship of Poker bracelets. She is also the third place owner in the women’s unprecedented cash catalogue. That’s why those people who have the knowledge of the game of Poker and who know the game of Jennifer Harman very well often say that winning the rivalry is her preferred ingestion morning dish.

According to her she has learned the game of poker from her father and his associates, when her father and his associates were playing the game of poker in her house. She looked at the game very carefully, using to watch them for a lot of time. That’s why she says that – ‘I am practising poker since my childhood and this game is in my blood’. After watching her father playing poker a great interest and passion about this game developed inside her. She wanted to play the game of poker like her father and his associates. At last she developed some bravery and went to the poker club to play her first poker game.

The first game of her life was a $20-$40 game. Fortunately she succeeded. When she won the game then people just about her made a huge clapping because of her amazing game. After that win a lot of confidence rose inside her. She regularly started to play the poker game of the $20-$40 and $50-$100 for the next 7 to 8 years of her life. After this period she one day moved forward to the table of $75-$150 and then $200-$400. After that she continued to move forward to the tables of larger and larger amounts. With the passage of time she has shown a lot of improvement in her game. Now she is considered one of the best high stakes poker players and you can see this amazing poker player usually playing the game of $2000-$4000.

As of mid 2012, her total live tournament winnings are about $2,500,000, of these almost $1,000,000 come from cashes at the WSOP.

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