Becoming a Pro Poker Player? Perhaps it is better playing bingo instead

If you want to play poker to earn a living then it may be the best choice … or not, it actually can also prove to be the most horrible one. Poker can bring the best as well as the worst. Some people asked a question to know about what it is really good to play poker in order to earn a living. The members of a poker community replied with several opinions by describing both the pros and cons of doing so.

Among those opinions one really well summarizes the various aspects of becoming a pro giving a wider view of this profession.

“If you select poker as your profession you may get blessed throughout your career or may become miserable. But it all depends on how you look on it and what is your approach. It is not the same as it depicts and is shown in the movies normally.

As a poker player I have spent three years as a professional. In those three years, the most of the income that I had done was through playing poker. Sometimes I looked down upon what I was doing, but there were times when I loved it. Before that I played poker for a number of years as semi-professional. This means that I was actually working in some other occupations and used to play poker in order to add to my monthly income.

In the first years of my adult life there was not a real importance of poker for me and it was just a source of recreation. Therefore I would say that I have gone through poker and have observed it very clearly from each and every aspect. I have also seen many ups and downs throughout my professional, novice and semi pro career. I am finally able to give you my experience which is summarized below.

Poker is a state of mind rather than just a game. Your view about poker is just the reflection of what your view is about yourself and what you actually think about life. Poker is not like some other game that you may play for having some joy. It may not leave you helpless nor does it make you disappointed. When you are in the card room you are just thinking it like a big greenhouse where humans are evolving in front of your own eyes. Players get their feed, start to grow, bloom and reach the peak.”

After that as for any other sport the demise comes. Throughout their careers many players face countless financially, socially and many more problems. But on the other side many others find positive things like companions, entertainment and money of course. These are the 2 faces of the coin called poker.

If after reading that you want to try something more relaxing, why not trying bingo? When you play online bingo you are presented with a choice. You can choose to play a game with a standard jackpot, or you can choose to play a game with a progressive jackpot. But, what are the differences, and which one puts more money in your pocket?

Well, there is no 100% correct answer to this, and the final decision is really a matter of personal preference. But, there are a few points that you should consider before making your decision.

First, standard jackpots usually have a little higher standard payouts. If you look at the paytables on a standard and progressive game, you will notice the standard game has a bit higher standard payouts. This is because when you play a progressive jackpot, a certain part of each bet you make is going into a shared jackpot, and you don’t really get credit for that bet if you don’t win the jackpot.

Next, the overall jackpots are almost always larger on a progressive jackpot machine. This is pretty self explanatory. Since there are more than one machine contributing to the jackpot, it is going to grow a lot faster and be a lot higher amount than a normal jackpot.

Lastly, it is important to take into account your overall strategy when choosing the style of jackpot to play. Are you playing break even bingo to clear a bingo bonus? Or are you playing to win it big? You have to take this into consideration.
Whatever the case, when you play at an online bingo room, the choice is yours!

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    To become a professional poker player, win a big tournament early in your career.

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