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The commonest mistake in history is underestimating your opponent; it happens at the poker table all the time. ~David Shoup

In order to play poker at a reasonable level, it is important to understand the poker rules at first. Visit a web site that will discuss these rules as well as explanations about strategy and how poker tournaments work.

Hasan Habib at His Finest Moments

A unique addition to the poker community

Born in Pakistani and having emigrated to the United States of America, Hasan Habib is one of a kind in Poker circles. The sport does not always lend itself to big personalities because some people prefer to play the game in privacy and do not really talk about their background or how they came to play the poker game. However I had the opportunity to read the biography and the achievements of Hasan Habib and I have to say that I was mightily impressed both by his background and what he has managed to achieved in a relatively short time. It can take a lifetime to try and build what Hasan Habib has been able to build in his career and he is not just a poker fanatic but someone who has a rich lifestyle that is full of different moments. It would be insulting to even attempt to put his biography into a small essay such as this but I have chosen the elements of his profile that interest me most to take my own perspective on things.

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Jennifer Harman: Best Women Pro Poker Player

Jennifer_Harman_3Jennifer Harman was born and lifts up in Reno, the city of Nevada. Her age is about 50 and her height is around 5.2 feet. She is one of the best Pro Poker Women Player in the world now days. When her tiny shape glides in the region of the poker table then you will surely make a mistake to think that she is not a poker player. You may think that she is a girlfriend of someone else who have come in the poker club to play poker just for some fun. But you will surely be astonished when she takes a seat in front of you by dragging the poker chair with intense gaze. She will gaze at you just like a talented and skilful Pro Poker Player and trundle the fragments before her.

You will become more astonished when she plays the poker game with her amazing and sensational style and you would feel sorry for the defeat that you will experience through her. She is the Jennifer Harman that is the winner of two World Series Championship of Poker bracelets. She is also the third place owner in the women’s unprecedented cash catalogue. That’s why those people who have the knowledge of the game of Poker and who know the game of Jennifer Harman very well often say that winning the rivalry is her preferred ingestion morning dish.

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How to Become a Pro Poker Player?

In the recent years the poker world has gone through some serious changes. It has become one of the highly earning tools for the people who find it difficult to earn their living. Now many people get attracted towards poker game. They are selecting poker as a profession and try to earning their living through it. They earn either online or through cash tables that are not the big tournaments.

Today many people have found it difficult to enhance their game of poker. They observe skillful pro poker players but even after doing this they don’t see any improvements in their game. Here are some instructions for such players who are either amateur or professionals but want to improve their game. These can bring noticeable improvements in their game.

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Pro Poker Players-How To Achieve Success?

Due to the technological advances, nothing is impossible now and you can find convenience everywhere. Due to the online casino gambling, there are more chances for people to adopt poker for their living. It is more convenient for poker lover to develop their pro poker careers. Contrarily many hopeful poker players still have same dreams. Due to this, it has become even more difficult to achieve this. This differentiates the ones who have achieved success in the game from those who failed to become pro pokers. All this is just due to one characteristic that is respect to the game. This characteristic is the only non common thing in achievers and failures.

For most of the overconfident and the uneducated gamblers, becoming a professional is not a big deal. They think it is as easy as to hit a jackpot and to retire on an island. These people have no respect for the game by which they try to earn their living. According to them it is not difficult to become a master of the game of poker from all aspects. They don’t see that it is very hard to become a successful pro poker player. Such gamblers treat the game as a practical joke. For this reason they often become failures and don’t utilize it as professionals. They fail to do so as they gamble irresponsibly and try different hard tricks. Another reason of their failure is that they want to gain everything in a big shot and fail to do so. They don’t have any substances to their game.

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Pro Poker Players & Internet Stock Brokers

What will happen if the pro poker players and the internet stock brokers will exchange their disciplines? According to you who will be able to cope better, skillful poker player or the internet stock broker? On many market trading platforms it has observed that strong poker players possess many characteristics related to this field. Their game allows them to have an edge in marginal situations. If you study both the pro poker players and the internet stock brokers then you will find out that most of them possess almost the same characteristics.

In the great financial institutions, people that declare the top jobs mostly have the similar skills that are found in best card players. It has now accepted that the pro poker players naturally possess the skills that must to be adopted inside the world of stock exchanges. People from both the fields choose the most organized and most appropriate approach towards the problems, they face. They just don’t take the decision rather analyze the potential consequences of the decision they are going to make. Such individuals have a different response and perform even better under immense stress.

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The Chip Reese Championship Skills

Giving everything and getting everything back

Poker is a game of taking risks and without taking those risks you will not win big. Chip Reese is an example of someone who is not afraid to go for some of the most risky stakes in order to ensure that he gets the best returns possible. What really attracted me to his online profile was the fact that his career may not be as spectacular as some of the other legends I have looked at but he is still respected among the poker community.

I was also amazed to learn that he was able to change is career even within poker depending on the circumstances prevailing. This indicates to me a very dynamic personality who will not put up with the mundane in order to have a quiet life. This is the kind of person I would be happy to do business with. I therefore decided to dig into his background to see whether there was anything really spectacular that would create such an interesting personality. However what I found was an ordinary person who had the courage to go for the big stakes and ended up doing quite well in the process.

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