Tips and basic strategies of poker

We can say a lot about strategies and tips to play better poker or poker online, but these are the principal advices to improve your game. We have to put them into practice if we want to become winning players:

1 – Patience

In the game of poker is said that patience is equal to money. By patience we mean that we have to wait for a favorable hand to put our money or our chips on the table. Many Canadian poker players are known because of this quality and the profit they get on their games.

2 – Be Aggressive

At the moment we have the cards we are waiting for, we should play them aggressively, because surely we have passed many rounds to get those good cards, so you have to get the most out of them.

3 – Our table image

If we get a reputation for solid player it will be much easier to pull a bluff in a situation where you really need it.

4 – Study the other players

We must not make the mistake of being careful only to our cards without dedicating time to observe other players. We should see which cards they play, if they are aggressive, if they get scared when someone bluffs.

5 – Studying our game

The simple act of reading this article means that you are on track. The strategies and tips contained on this page are the result of many hours of play and study. You have to read what you can and take note if necessary.

6 – Know when to quit

Players who are emotionally incapable of playing a good poker, many players call them “tilt.” Several things can cause us to go through a state “of tilt”, fatigue and frustration are the most common.

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