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The Chip Reese Championship Skills

Giving everything and getting everything back

Poker is a game of taking risks and without taking those risks you will not win big. Chip Reese is an example of someone who is not afraid to go for some of the most risky stakes in order to ensure that he gets the best returns possible. What really attracted me to his online profile was the fact that his career may not be as spectacular as some of the other legends I have looked at but he is still respected among the poker community.

I was also amazed to learn that he was able to change is career even within poker depending on the circumstances prevailing. This indicates to me a very dynamic personality who will not put up with the mundane in order to have a quiet life. This is the kind of person I would be happy to do business with. I therefore decided to dig into his background to see whether there was anything really spectacular that would create such an interesting personality. However what I found was an ordinary person who had the courage to go for the big stakes and ended up doing quite well in the process.

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The Comic Machine that is Alan Betson

Laughter is the relief that you get from the challenges of life

A name such as Alan Betson for a poker player is just a joke from the very beginning. The difference is that instead of laughing at him, we are laughing with him and his wit. When I was doing some research on the comedy machine that is Alan Betson, I was always struck by the fact that every biographer always referred to his wit even more than his skills at the poker table. Some might see this as a deliberate trivializing of a fantastic career in poker. However I see it as a very successful attempt to bring out the full personality of the poker player which makes him the person that he is.

I once read somewhere that there was a terrible singer who kept singing with joy despite the sniggers of her audience. One commentator said that she was at least happy in her work. He lamented that he wished that every other singer was happy in their work. They could then produce good quality singing at all times. This is an illustration of how a person can bring humor to their profession and win over the unlikeliest fans in the process. I am of the view that Alan Betson is an example to all of us who aspire to join professions that keeping a long face is not good for your health and professional development.

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