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Chris Ferguson the ‘Jesus’ Among Pros

There have been so many pro poker players through the years that it might be hard to differentiate between one and the other. There are also some very recognizable names in this business, and one of them includes Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson.

Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson was born on April 11, 1963 in Los Angeles. Chris Ferguson was born into a gambling and mathematical family. Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson’s parents achieved a doctoral degree in mathematical studies. Ferguson’s father also holds a job at UCLA teaching game theory, and theoretical probability. Growing up in a family like this it is no wonder that Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson started playing poker at the mere age of ten.

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Sexiest Movement of Daniel Negreanu

There are so many poker players out in the world today that are highly recognizable, and other are not. One of the more recognizable poker players is Daniel Negreanu.

Daniel Negranu was born on July 26, 1974 born in Toronto, Canada. He was born to Annie and Constantin Negreanu. Daniel started out when he was young, and began at the age of sixteen going to pool halls, hustling, sports betting, and eventually playing cards. Daniel dropped out of high school to play what is known as a rounder at local charity casino events. He was always looking for illegal card games around the city. After building up his bankroll he left Las Vegas at the age of twenty two to become a professional poker player.

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Justin Cuong Van Tran: J.C Tran

J.C Tran, Justin Cuong Van Tran, is known for his nickname ‘just call’. He has a way of calling just about anything to see a little bit of action.

J.C Tran was born on January 20, 1977 in Vietnam. Although he was born in Vietnam he didn’t stay in Vietnam. He is a Vietnam-American poker player who has situated himself in the lovely Sacramento, California. Tran has had several career milestones that he has passed including being a two time bracelet World Series of Poker winner, and even the winner of the World Championship of Online Poker. He has made the World Poker Tour final tables a total of five times all together. He has won a World Poker Tour title, and was named the World Poker Tour player of the year in their fifth season of being on the air. Another achievement that he has made is winning the World Poker Challenge.

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Getting Rich with Chris Moneymaker

Being imaginative about your career pays off

There is a certain humor in the name Chris Moneymaker especially if you realize that he is in fact a very successful poker player. When I was reading up on his profile, this is one of the things that made me think and jump straight to his autobiography. You can normally tell that a person is fun to be with if their name immediately makes you smile. I know that a name is not something that they will have had control in creating but this is only in relation to the first name. The second name is a humorous homage to the poker game. I am an absolute sucker for this sort of thing and the moment I say the name I decided that this was going to be one of the poker player profiles that I would be reviewing in my series.

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Hasan Habib at His Finest Moments

A unique addition to the poker community

Born in Pakistani and having emigrated to the United States of America, Hasan Habib is one of a kind in Poker circles. The sport does not always lend itself to big personalities because some people prefer to play the game in privacy and do not really talk about their background or how they came to play the poker game. However I had the opportunity to read the biography and the achievements of Hasan Habib and I have to say that I was mightily impressed both by his background and what he has managed to achieved in a relatively short time. It can take a lifetime to try and build what Hasan Habib has been able to build in his career and he is not just a poker fanatic but someone who has a rich lifestyle that is full of different moments. It would be insulting to even attempt to put his biography into a small essay such as this but I have chosen the elements of his profile that interest me most to take my own perspective on things.

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Jennifer Harman: Best Women Pro Poker Player

Jennifer_Harman_3Jennifer Harman was born and lifts up in Reno, the city of Nevada. Her age is about 50 and her height is around 5.2 feet. She is one of the best Pro Poker Women Player in the world now days. When her tiny shape glides in the region of the poker table then you will surely make a mistake to think that she is not a poker player. You may think that she is a girlfriend of someone else who have come in the poker club to play poker just for some fun. But you will surely be astonished when she takes a seat in front of you by dragging the poker chair with intense gaze. She will gaze at you just like a talented and skilful Pro Poker Player and trundle the fragments before her.

You will become more astonished when she plays the poker game with her amazing and sensational style and you would feel sorry for the defeat that you will experience through her. She is the Jennifer Harman that is the winner of two World Series Championship of Poker bracelets. She is also the third place owner in the women’s unprecedented cash catalogue. That’s why those people who have the knowledge of the game of Poker and who know the game of Jennifer Harman very well often say that winning the rivalry is her preferred ingestion morning dish.

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