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The commonest mistake in history is underestimating your opponent; it happens at the poker table all the time. ~David Shoup

In order to play poker at a reasonable level, it is important to understand the poker rules at first. Visit a web site that will discuss these rules as well as explanations about strategy and how poker tournaments work.

Is It Wise To Become A Professional Poker Player?

Ok, you played all the ring games at the most of the stakes without any problems, all the online poker freerolls you were able to find and many cash tournaments. You got a strategy that works, you won a good amount of money even though you dedicated to the game just your little spare time and you feel very confident in your skills. Before you decide whether or not becoming a pro is worthwhile, you need to understand what the concept of professional poker player implies. In essence, you will need to dedicate a lot of your time and energy to the game in order to become professionally competitive; because once you make the switch, poker will constitute your main source of income. Furthermore, pro players generally cannot afford to maintain a daytime job or continue their education because this “hobby” is incredibly time consuming. Therefore, you should think very carefully and take into account the following aspects of decision.

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Tips and basic strategies of poker

We can say a lot about strategies and tips to play better poker or poker online, but these are the principal advices to improve your game. We have to put them into practice if we want to become winning players:

1 – Patience

In the game of poker is said that patience is equal to money. By patience we mean that we have to wait for a favorable hand to put our money or our chips on the table. Many Canadian poker players are known because of this quality and the profit they get on their games.

2 – Be Aggressive

At the moment we have the cards we are waiting for, we should play them aggressively, because surely we have passed many rounds to get those good cards, so you have to get the most out of them.

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Becoming a Pro Poker Player? Perhaps it is better playing bingo instead

If you want to play poker to earn a living then it may be the best choice … or not, it actually can also prove to be the most horrible one. Poker can bring the best as well as the worst. Some people asked a question to know about what it is really good to play poker in order to earn a living. The members of a poker community replied with several opinions by describing both the pros and cons of doing so.

Among those opinions one really well summarizes the various aspects of becoming a pro giving a wider view of this profession.

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Poker Prince: Scotty Nguyen

The Prince of Poker, Scotty Nguyen, is known for his World Series of Poker wins, but yet he is also known for so much more. He has won several bracelets, and is one of the top money makers. He has an eventful, and yet a well known career in the spotlight.

Thuan “Scotty” Nguyen was born on October 28, 1962 in Vietnam. He came with his family to the United States of America when he was only fourteen years old. There he began to divulge himself into our culture, and into our games. He was ultimately suspended from school when he was spending more time with underground poker games then he was spending on school. At the age of twenty one Scotty Nguyen went to a dealer school, and was soon employed by Harrahs Poker room. This was when his peak for poker really took place. He made around one hundred and fifty dollars a night in tips and wages, and lost most of it playing three or four dollar stud games. He himself knew he wasn’t very good yet, but he couldn’t stop. In the future he realized that not quitting poker was a good thing.

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Most Eccentric Player: Phil Hellmuth

Phil_HellmuthIf you live on the wild side, and play Texas Hold’Em or even any poker game in general then you probably might have heard of the most eccentric player in the Texas Hold’Em game today, Phil Hellmuth.

Phil Hellmuth has had numerous sightings in the World Series of Poker tournaments. In 1989 he won first place in the Championship even. That might seem an older accomplishment, but it soon led to so many more. In 1992, 1993, and even in 2003 he has taken first place in Limit Hold’Em tournaments. He had a very exciting year in 1993 because he took first place in three different events in which he competed against numerous amounts of people. These events included the Limit Hold’Em tournament, and two wins in No Limit Hold’Em. In the first season of World Series of Poker at the Lucky Chances event Phil Hellmuth placed fourth in the event. This event is against thousands of other competitors so it really is quite an achievement.

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No Home Jerome: Phil Ivey

If you happen to watch poker at all, whether it’s the little tournaments or even the World Series of Poker then you most likely have heard of Phil Ivey. He is currently the number one money maker in poker. He is an excellent poker player who deserves everything that has come to him.

Ivey was born in Riverside, California and moved to Roselle, New Jersey, when he was three months old. Now resides in Las Vegas a city that brought him to the point in his career that he is now. Phil Ivey being one of the best poker players in the world was given the nickname, ‘The Tiger Woods of Poker’, and he also has another nickname, ‘No Home Jerome’. The first one is his more prominent nickname since it describes him at his best.

Although Phil Ivey is the top money maker in poker he uses his money for good reasons. Phil Ivey is a supporter of charities, and is known to donate to a number of charitable causes. In March of 2008 Phil Ivey donated $50,000 to a charity in Las Vegas known as the Empowered 2 Excel. After this donation the charity changed its name to the Budding Ivey Foundation.

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